I started my art career in stop motion animation, specializing in puppet-making and armature machining. I have since focused those high precision, miniature craft skills on metal work, silversmithing and stone setting. After selling my jewelry at craft shows and events, I decided to open my online shop in 2013 and have been doing both ever since.

I spent many years working at an antique show in California and take much of my inspiration from antique and vintage jewelry. I'm passionate about history and love to know the background behind the stones that I include in my pieces. Some stones I mined myself and some I discovered in my travels throughout the US. 

Each of my pieces is unique and often inspired by the stone or cast natural object that is at it's center. 

I am constantly learning new skills and refining my old ones.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I love to work on custom projects. 

Spencer Beckert